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WEIZHENG GROUP LTD is an international start-up company headquartered in the UK.

We are committed to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship on a global scale, providing high-quality education and business solutions for students, enterprises and partners.

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We make a difference in every walk of life

WEIZHENG GROUP LTD is a positive company full of positive energy.

Our staff is not limited to a certain country and color, but has our staff all over the world. We are like a family, working together, and striving to change the world.

Educational Exchange and Cooperation
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185+ countries and regions around the world
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A team that can change your business!

We have a vibrant elite team, the core team members graduated from first-class universities around the world; 50% employees come from BAT, TMD, Google, Microsoft and other first-line Internet companies, with many years of experience in technology, products, operations, management and other industries ; More than 70% employees are born in the 90s, making the whole team young, efficient and full of vitality.

Keep in touch with us! We look forward to every new project.